Sunday, April 11, 2010


What else do you expect to happen if you have an online test to complement your perfect sunday morning? Perhaps an extra spoonful of boredom, and i must say this is terribly disgusting (more so if your test doesn't go particularly well ).

A load full of assignments to complete, tests to give and then, whoa !! you have the comprehensive examinations. stupid. this life is darn stupid. I wish i were one of those blue creatures in cameroon's avatar. i always wanted life to be that way. i still do. the tough life here is killing me.

why exactly am i wasting my time and energy putting my thoughts down in a blog that no one follows. Exactly for that reason... the sheer pleasure of talking aloud publicly without anyone caring to bother... it gives me a sort of almost-hedonistic pleasure. i only wish this lasts.

gotta go now...till tomorrow....

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