Saturday, January 15, 2011

miss the cold

it's hot here. very hot. hardly surprising for a state that is all about "sun, sea and sand". and little else. mind that. plenty of good food though. very good food.

i miss all the cold. especially during sankranti. who wants a bonfire in this pseudo-summer heat? a nutcase, who else? (yes: i love the word. all offences are meant.) the hardly three hours of cold every night doesn't justify a thing, i tell you. i do get to take my endi shawl though. a pittance, yes: paltry or not, i like the feel of it. the warmth. reminds me of home. and cold wintry nights. of my nose - cold in the chilling air. of my feet - numb and fingers-tight. of three layers of blanket to snuggle under. and a thermal under my shirt. i love the cold. almost as much as i love the sweltering summer months. i get to swim in summer - and i love doing that almost more than anything else in this world.

and i miss the food. pork chops. the barbecue almost every night. the sour fish curry. the roasted duck. or the duck with gourd. of pigeons in bora rice. and so many other things. i miss all that and more.

right now, i feel like sleeping. tata.

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