Monday, January 17, 2011


i tell you: portman will win this time. it's long overdue. the fact that she got her well deserved golden globe is a testimony to my conviction. the fact that she will get her prize for an aronofsky film will be a celebration by itself. (i concede the social network deserves the big one. and i will be surprised if david fincher doesn't outrun darren by quite some distance. unless they want to repeat a cameroon-bigelow episode. and then: there is nolan. i loved inception as much as i enjoyed the social network or the black swan. have just downloaded the king's speech. the fighter must wait.)

portman is svelte in the film. she fills in the role of the ballet dancer perfectly. i read she practiced a year for it. and all that effort clearly showed (as much as it paid off !!)

the film was what i like to believe is art. there was drama; there were all the elements of a thriller made faultlessly. the other woman, and as the two swans vie for love. a journey of self discovery - which we all seem to make at some point in our lives - of a beautiful dancer obsessed with being perfect - every move and every step. the grand finale (oh yes: i am sounding so clich├ęd) itself was astoundingly fantastic - hardly surprising considering aronofsky's previous works.

you could watch the film again, aware of the climax (or anti-climax ?), and yet not be bored. as i said: it' more art than cinema. during times when cinema no longer seems to be all that beautiful any more, no longer an art, the black swan provides a grateful relief.

mila kunis was the perfect lily almost as much as natalie was the obvious nina sayers. barbara hershey was brilliant as the jealous mother. vincent cassel and winona ryder all put in commendable performances, as did the rest of the crew.

portman's expecting her first child with benjamin millepied. could she ask for a better gift from the film ?

no wonder the choreography felt so impeccable. love shows through, heh?

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  1. I thought Mila Kunis gave a very good performance too in her role as supporting actress to Natalie. :)

    The Cat Hag