Friday, January 14, 2011


and they made this film called NOKJ. a complete nutcase product.

the promos were done well, though. i was expecting something invigorating - something of the sort of the films that aamir khan makes in india. Or sean penn. milk, i am sam, mystic river. need i say more?

what did i get? save the wonderful sound system and the working air conditioner, i got witty one liners that were totally off, dialogues that belied the film's title, lots of disgusting acting and a stupid ending (" i am still a bitch ". great. save that for yourself. we really don't need to know about it, do we?)

i expected sensitivity. i expected drama done well. not half hearted acting and hurried dialogues that made absolutely no sense. myra was beautiful though. though there was hardly any acting to notice. miss: you need a better director. and a stronger role. and some screen presence.

bollywood: stop thinking only about raking the moolah. look at aamir (again, yes). make a film: not shitty, stupid entertainment. get a life !

waiting for dhobi ghaat. i know it will be good. there's aamir after all.

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